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Limited edition GiClee Prints are available on archival art papers.

You can find more detailed information below, including current sizing options and the opportunity to receive custom handmade frames with my paintings.  You are welcome to contact me with questions and inquiries through my Contact page or email.  



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ArtPlacer Room Mockups

Visitors now have access to ArtPlacerArtPlacer is a virtual room mock-up software.  It is an online tool where you can portray my paintings in real scale, allowing you to view accurate layouts and color schemes with the artwork you are interested in, displayed here virtually, and with correct frames of reference.  Below is a link to ArtPlacer's website, where you can start to explore in detail the different ways to view artwork in virtual reality.  I also wish to represent several options here, and help you access some of the different ways that ArtPlacer can help to showcase my paintings so that you can more fully visualize, and gain an accurate preview of how an Original, Print, or Commissioned work will look in your space.

1.) Virtual Room Mock-Ups - With access to thousands of customizable rooms.  Through here, you can preview chosen paintings in space, against different walls and furnishing textures and colors.  You can view them in different frames, and then download and save the interior mockup image samples.  ArtPlacer is now also establishing a next level, integrated tool called Smart Spaces: to help in the creation of more customizable mockups.

My paintings are showcased here on the ArtPlacer Discover site.  When finding my art here in the ArtPlacer Discover interface, you will access large photos that showcase some of the textural elements in the work, and details about each of my paintings.  Through Discover, you can also easily access each of the three viewing option buttons, Try In Your Room, View In Sample Room, and View In AR.

2.) Personal Spaces - Here you can upload photos of your room, to get accurate previews of the paintings.

3.) Augmented Reality Technology - This is where you can start using the ArtPlacer Augmented Reality Mobile App.


The Augmented Reality button link is also integrated right here on my website, soon on my Social Media channels, and is available to try, in-person, at my Art Show Exhibitions.  ArtPlacer's digital interface and tools work with both Originals and Prints, and can also help develop your vision for Commissioned work.  It is possible to download and use the ArtPlacer Augmented Reality app on most Iphones, Ipads, Laptops and Desktops.


The software can be considered a "Try Before You Buy" website integration.  It is here to help spark your inspiration and interior design ideas, no matter how far away we are in physical space.  It is also here to help to reduce anxiety about making an online purchase, easily allowing you to see how a certain painting will fit in your surroundings.  It is designed to help answer some of your questions and concerns, and to help you make smart decisions.

Remember, with ArtPlacer, you have three different ways to create custom interactive virtual room mockups where you can view paintings.  You can easily create mockups by using photos of your rooms or spaces, you can view them in many diversified sample rooms available through the ArtPlacer website, (ArtPlacer room mockups are royalty free), and you can view them in Virtual Reality in the ArtPlacer Augmented Reality App.

Discover the possibilities. 


Museum Quality
Archival Paper

Limited Edition
GiClee Prints

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