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“For me, nature mirrors the range of emotions I experience and symbolizes much of the spiritual meaning I seek.  I am drawn to the edges of places, where opposite natural forces meet.  Working with imagery from such places, combined with exploring the physical poetry and expressive meaning within the painting process, is the essence of my paintings."


Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website.

Here you will find my original oil paintings, an archive of sold and private collection paintings, and information about one-of-a-kind Limited Edition
GiClee Prints, available on archival art papers.

I feature new work at annual exhibitions, in some of the country's finest art shows. Much of my new work tends to sell during this time.  If you discovered one of my paintings, and it is no longer attainable, there is still an opportunity.
Commissions are currently available.

Please contact me here or via email if you have any questions.


















39th North Carolina Artist Exhibition, North Carolina Museum of Art

Phillip Harris Steinberg Museum, Washington University, St. Louis


Phillip Harris Light Abstractions, Plains Museum of Art, Minnesota

Phillip Harris New Works Hewlett Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

Seven New Artists, Pittsburg Today, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute 


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